Running The Game

Jocaster never thought someone would cheat at THE GAME, or that he’d be forced to play twice.


All three books in the HUMANITY FOUND series in one box set


On the edge of space and at the brink of extinction, humanity’s fate rests in the hands of one rookie officer.

When an old enemy attacks another ship and survivors escape to a nearby planet, an eager young lieutenant is surprised when he’s named commander of the rescue mission.

Can the inexperienced hero pull off a risky operation without losing more lives?


In the vast black of space, a new and powerful threat lurks somewhere just out of sight.

After rescuing the survivors of an attack, and revealing their enemy was as human as the rest of the fleet, Pen expected an interesting new challenge. Tempted to join the civilian intelligence force, she struggles to find purpose as the fleet comes together. Then, hidden in a list of mundane communications, Pen finds a message that will threaten their survival.


Space is vast, but there is nowhere to hide. Hunted by a vicious enemy, blocked by internal strife, the last remnants of humanity race for their new home.

The unknown enemy destroyed his old life along with his ship and family leaving Kalin to the mercy of his old foes. The new life he’s offered must be a lie. Kalin is conditioned to follow orders, so when the captain offers him the leadership of the team searching for a way to survive, he can’t say no.

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