P A Wilson

When I started writing, I thought I’d stick with mysteries and thrillers, and then the ideas started rolling in from all the other genres I love. So, I wrote the stories I liked the best no matter what type.

Go ahead a click on the image below that matches your favorite type of story to learn more. I hope you find something that turns out to be a new favorite.

Poppy Bridgeman

If you like a cozy witch mystery, you’ve come to the right place. The Witch of Henbane Island is the brand new series starring Cossi Fortuna. Orphaned at twenty-one and evicted after finding out she’s a witch, Cossi heads to the place her father warned to to avoid.

Arriving just after the first murder on Henbane in memory, Cossi dive right in to solving the case so she can uncover the truth about her parents.

Cossi learns she’s a witch on the same day she’s evicted. Her parents lied to her and now she’s alone with powers she doesn’t understand.


A Spell in the Wrong Direction. Cossi’s plans are disrupted again. A missing witch and a second murder.


Casting Out Secrets. A murdered shifter, a deep dark secret, will Cossi ever find peace on Henbane?