“OneĀ of my favorite books I’ve read lately and that’s saying a lot because I read an average of 3 books a week. I really liked the character of Val and as usual for Charity, she can’t be stopped when she’s on a mission to right a wrong. I’m always glad that she gets out of the situations she manages to get herself in but she does, sometimes out of sheer luck. I hope sometime in the future we will hear about Val and what she’s doing but we shall see. I can’t wait for the next book to read and get excited about.”

“This is a detective who I can appreciate and, like James Bond, can get trounced and still keep going. Oh, and did I mention? She has a code of ethics. I’m looking forward to more from P.A. Wilson!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and its characters. I will not tell anything of the story itself as that is easy to find. I will just say that I like continuing characters but when each book is complete in and of itself as this one is. I look forward to finding out whether Quinn takes on an apprentice and whether he solves his new physical issue. And that is besides looking forward to the next adventure.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the story itself was interesting and I found most of the characters to be enchanting.”

A Need To Breathe

“This is a whole different take on what happens to a society when it is left with the aftermath of a wide-scale calamity.”

“An awe inspiring read of survival. With a world that’s torn apart a group of people from various backgrounds pull together. What they try to accomplish is as remarkable as they are. You’ll be pulled in and held spellbound as you follow the progress and struggle.”