Do you have a story inside? From idea to publishing the steps are here.

Writing your first book is exciting. It’s also like a puzzle with no edge pieces. If you have a story inside you fighting to get out, you need a path to follow. Right now, you can take advantage of a bonus! You can download all the tools I built to help me write more than 30 books.

I started with one idea and along the way to multiple series and standalone books, I’ve learned a lot.

Now you can take advantage of my experience. I’ve refined the process from the kernel of an idea all the way to self-publishing on multiple platforms.

The book starts with ways to manage and generate ideas. After all, the idea is where we start the whole book.

Then it’s writing time. Are you going to plan the book, or just start writing? There’s a quiz that will help you decide what will work for you.

Is your story strong enough? Will the readers root for your characters? That’s all about revision. That section covers the different ways to look at your manuscript and then make it the beautiful work of art you imagined.

After revision, editing, feedback, comes publishing. The decision to self-publish or go the traditional path is more about you than about your book. A lesson on that decision will give you clarity on what will work for you.