Spells & Other Charms

If he can’t figure out the simplest spells, how is Quinn supposed to impress Cate in the wizard contest?


The first three HOP-D cases in one.

Blood Magic Blues

They’re set on solving crimes. But can this paranormal dynamic duo trust humans fearful of their gifts?

 Fernlight is certain her sprite-ly powers will be the key to a successful detective agency. And partnering

with the fiercely loyal fairy Bramble should mean they have the skills to bridge the gap into the human world. But when their first client turns out to be from the department intent on blaming supernaturals for every unsolved crime, they both smell more than a rat…

Ritual Magic Rock

Magical folk are being taken. Can Fernlight and Bramble find the answer before magic is turned into a devastating weapon?

A new case and a new team get in the way of solving a friend’s murder. Bramble and Fernlight are desperate to stop whoever is kidnapping magical folk but can’t find a clue.

A mysterious woman is following the team as they investigate. Is she responsible or is she trying to stop them?

Deadly Magic Dance

A new victim killed with magic. A missing politician. An old case that won’t stay solved.
For a fairy and a sprite, using magic to solve crimes is the right thing to do. But now, magic isn’t working. Something is blocking the spells that would reveal the crimes. Humans can’t do magic, so crime is now part of the magical community.

If you love complicated crimes and magic, you’ll love the first three HOP-D cases. Grab this box set today to solve magical murders, kidnappings, and conspiracies.

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