Obstacles of Magic

Will Madeline ever get control of her power?


A final Stone of Power waits to be found. Old terrors bar her way. New enemies struggle to defeat her.

Willowvine faces the final quest with Springheart and Tom by her side. One more Stone of Power to be restored to the Guardian and she will get her dream. No one will stop her from joining Elven society.

The Stone of Orphan was taken so long ago that no one can remember the story, only that it meant orphans were bad luck and so must be exiled. The quest takes Willowvine and her companions on a search for clues that leads her to the one place she swore never to revisit.

Attacked by bandits, betrayed by companions, Willowvine despairs of finding the Stone and freeing the orphans.

If you love stories of impossible quests facing overwhelming opposition, you’ll love the The Elven Stones: Orphan.