A mysterious contract might be the key to freeing two orphaned elves from exile.

All Willowvine wants is to be accepted back into Elven society. As an orphan she is automatically exiled with no real hope for any future other than in the margins of society.

Along with Springheart, she works as a courier, retrieving stolen items, and some not yet stolen ones.

A contract comes in from a mysterious client, who will only work with the two elven orphans. The last Stone of Power has been taken and that means the elves are doomed.

They have until the rising of the next moon to find the Stone and get it back in its rightful place.

Surely this time the Elves will find away to forgive her and welcome her back.

If you love fantasy sagas that carry the heroes along dangerous paths to fulfill a task that can save the world, you’ll love the first book in The Elven Stones series.