Running The Game

Jocaster never thought someone would cheat at THE GAME, or that he’d be forced to play twice.


A final attack leaves humanity on the brink of extinction.  Can a rescue mission for trapped survivors save our species?

For generations humanity lives in space, seeking a new home and fighting a hidden enemy. Now after too many successful attacks, the enemy has made a mistake and people escape.

Jocaster scored high in the simulations but has no experience in leading actual missions. When the captain assigns him to lead a team to bring back the people and any intelligence on their mysterious foe, the young lieutenant learns that nothing in real life is like a simulation.

The planet is hostile, his team likes to argue about every decision, and the enemy is stalking them. The technology that was supposed to help is breaking down, and Jocaster fears the survivors are doomed. If he fails, so will humanity.

Enjoy stories that drag characters through every challenge? You’ll love Rescue, the first book of the Humanity Found series.

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