Buying Into Death

Dropped into a case with no warning, can Charity beat the press and the police?


A dead man crashes a car. A woman disappears. A friend is charged with murder. A neighbor hides a secret.

When Charity Deacon witnesses a car crash, she can’t believe the police push her aside. Sure, she made some enemies on the force, but what happened to forgive and forget?

Deep inside, something keeps pushing her to help, and it speaks louder than everyone she loves.

For her first case as a PI, Charity searches for justice in the dark streets of Vancouver where missing prostitutes stay gone unless someone cares enough to risk their life to find them.

From Vancouver to the South of France, Charity digs into secrets everyone wants to keep hidden. Corrupt police, smugglers, kidnappers, murderers, they all fight to keep her away, but Charity won’t quit.

Get all four books in one set and follow Charity through the violent and treacherous underbelly of Vancouver.

What readers are saying.

“There is a murder in the third paragraph and from then on the excitement never lets up.”

“I really liked the character of Val and as usual for Charity, she can’t be stopped when she’s on a mission to right a wrong.”

“Thought this was a fast paced, exciting read that I thoroughly enjoyed, looking forward to reading more. Thank you.”


“Could not put the book down, read into the middle of the night. Excellent”

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