Spells & Other Charms

If he can’t figure out the simplest spells, how is Quinn supposed to impress Cate in the wizard contest?



Madeline had a life plan. It didn’t include being kidnapped and dragged to a magical world where life danced on the edge of a blood feud.

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Off Track

Prophecy. Magic. Blood Feud, Madeline is used to courtroom drama, not magic powered revenge.

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The New Normal

The old life isn’t quite finished with Madeline.Now her nemesis is transported to plague her.

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A Twist of Power

Not even Blu and Madeline’s combined magic can hold against an attack on the life of the sole heir to the Summer Lands.

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End of the Tunnel

An ancient terror. A final prophecy. A hope for the future. Can Madeline end the threat to the world she calls home.

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The Eleven Stones Family

No clues and an oath that will kill them if they reveal the truth to anyone. Willowvine and Springheart must find the missing elven stones and save the elves.

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The Eleven Stones Abundance

Her path to acceptance in the Elven world must include finding The Stone of Abundance. Willowvine wonders how much she has to endure to gain her prize?

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The Eleven Stones Orphan

On the brink of destruction, Willowvine must risk her life and her family for a chance at a future.

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