Running The Game

Jocaster never thought someone would cheat at THE GAME, or that he’d be forced to play twice.


Money and power run these cosmic headquarters. When a high-class leader is found dead, this cop will stop at nothing to upend sinister schemes.

Detective Sofie Allen believes anarchy is only a scandal away. With lucrative crime lurking around every gangway of the elite-ruled space station, closing cases requires a delicate balance of politics and justice. But she sees the local power equilibrium shifting dangerously when the head of a ruling family is brutally murdered.

Facing pressure to pin the homicide on a lowlife, Detective Allen desperately tries to contain the stress that could reveal her hidden genetic medical disorder. But as she relentlessly pushes the investigation forward and uncovers dirty business, she fears the lethal consequences will rain down on a complete innocent…

Can this besieged woman nail the perp before key evidence falls into a black hole?

Fade to Black is the exhilarating first book in The Mallet science fiction mystery series. If you like driven heroines, complex characters, and gritty settings, then you’ll love P A Wilson’s interstellar whodunit.

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