Buying Into Death

Dropped into a case with no warning, can Charity beat the press and the police?


She thinks three cold cases could solve a fresh murder. But only the killer believes her…

P.I. Charity Deacon uses her full workload to bury her aching heart. So despite her bad blood with the Vancouver police, she takes on a trio of unsolved cases while they attend to a high-profile homicide. But as she digs deeper, Charity becomes convinced all four killings share a sinister link…

With the famous widow of one of the victims pushing for results, Charity offers a stunning deduction for the killer’s identity. But when no one supports her claims and her liaison suddenly leaves the force, Charity sets up a dangerous sting as her last resort…

Can Charity bring a cold-blooded killer to justice before her stunt lands her in the morgue?

Dreams is the fifth standalone book in the gripping Charity Deacon Investigations mystery series. If you like stubborn detectives, serial killers on the loose, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love P A Wilson’s enthralling whodunit.

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