Buying Into Death

Dropped into a case with no warning, can Charity beat the press and the police?


A three-book box set to keep you entertained and sleepless.

Deep secrets. Twisted Rituals. Corruption and greed. Three cases to chill you.

CLOSING THE CIRCLE: Felicity Armstrong’s day is shattered by the sight of a dead body. The SFPD see a connection to her, but Felicity denies knowing the dead man. When the second body is found, doubt creeps in.

THE DRAGON AT THE EDGE OF THE MAP: When Monique Duchesne sees the police outside her door long after midnight, she fears they are waiting for her.

AMBITION: When she barges into a crime scene, Charity Deacon discovers a friend in handcuffs. She knows the police have it wrong and vows to find the killer before Val is dragged off to prison.

Get 3 For Murder today and join these three determined women as they fight to save the innocent.

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