Writing courses abound

Writing courses are a great way to learn and hone your craft. It’s important to find the ones that work for you. How do you know what you need?writing courses, writing, learning to write, writing fiction

The source, how to find writing courses

You can Google the term writing courses, or you can look at sites like Shaw Guides, it’s pretty easy to find courses. The trick is to know which ones are worth your time and money.

I’ve taken a few courses and I like the idea of being selective and still trying new things.

Three types of courses to try

The first one I enrolled in was a community college creative writing course. I found it helpful to get me writing, it focused on short stories which isn’t my style of writing. If you have no access to other writers, enrolling in creative writing courses is a way to meet them.

The second one is workshops at writing conferences. These are tailored to specific topics and are usually a half day at most in length. A conference is definitely a good place to meet writers. It’s also a good place get short bursts of knowledge about different aspects of writing.

The final type of course is the on-line one. I find these handy for a quick refresher of a particular writing skill. Not all of them are full writing courses, but it’s possible to find whole courses online. I recommend doing the Google search on specific skills  to find the right session for you.

Getting the most out of the courses

Writing courses will contain gems of knowledge amongst a lot of techniques you already know. The trick is to pull out what you need. I find scanning a course, or listening to podcasts about writing, or reading blogs about writing, gives me the refresher I need.

Look for the style of instruction that feels right to you. Try a few different courses and get what you need to keep you writing.

Good luck.