Work at home, fewer hours a dream

work at home, work from home, working from homeTired of the nine to five? Thinking about becoming a work at home entrepreneur? Those affiliate sites are not telling the whole truth – I’m sure you guessed that. Nine to five is a luxury when you drive your own schedule.

Work at home, the freedom and the responsibility

Let’s start by making it clear that I love working from home. I’m well aware of my challenges and I always find myself shaking the imaginary finger in my face – focus, young lady.

The freedom from the 9 to 5 is hard to ignore. It’s not the hours so much it’s the being on the same schedule as everyone else.  On the road at the same time, at lunch at the same time, on vacation based on the tiny window allowed in the company schedule.

The responsibility is something you need to be comfortable with. I have a friend who reminds me periodically that we only eat what we kill. A little graphic perhaps, but as an entrepreneur, I have to find my next client and my next client. If the thought of doing that keeps you up at night, stay employed.

The creative opportunities

When you work at home, it can free your mind. I don’t know how I would have published 9 books – with more on the way – if I had to commute to an office every day. I commute no more than 10 feet now and if there’s some kind of obstacle, it means I probably need to clean the house.

If you have a desire to be creative, there are some surprising benefits to being a work at home person – even if you aren’t an entrepreneur.  You have space in your day to brainstorm. You can move your schedule around – to some extent – and be creative when you feel creative.

You network with people – you might find yourself re-enacting The Shining if you don’t get interaction. People love to share their ideas. You have time to consider new pathways. You have time to consider partnerships. Basically you have time.

Work at home and The Boss

We’re not talking Springsteen here, we’re talking you. You are now the boss. It’s kind of like when you hear your parent’s voice coming out of your mouth. The things you hated about your last boss, are the things you need to inflict on yourself.

If you procrastinate, you get nothing done because you only answer to you. A morning watching TV or playing Angry Birds, can easily turn into a week.

Having all the time in the world to practice your creativity can actually damage the product. There’s something about having a scarcity of time that can drive you to excellence.

Work at home and make millions!

Not a real thing. Yes there are people who make money on affiliate sites, but they work hard at keeping their SEO high (don’t know what SEO means? You need to learn about it if you plan to do on-line marketing).

Work at home and enjoy your work more? Maybe. It did work for me. If you do a bit of soul searching and if you want to be an author or artist or musician, think about taking the plunge.