Wolf By The Ears by Lexi Revellian | Book Review

Recommendations do work! Her first book was recommended by my sister, and I’ve been hooked on Lexi’s stories since. This is the 4th of her books and it’s an interesting tale of a young woman who learns wolf by the ears, lexi revellian, book reviewtrust in the oddest places, and also finds out how far she will go to protect her friends.

Rebel is struggling to make ends meet and get a degree so she can get a better job. She saves the day for a Russian mogul and gets her first break. But can she trust him not to be the evil pretender that others say he is? She finds out that loyalty isn’t always blind and if people aren’t what they seem, it doesn’t mean they are the bad guy.

I recommend this if you like to follow a character as they are faced with surprising challenges in their search for independence.


lexi revellian, wolf by the ears, book review

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