When you have passion can you find energy?

sign stating In the midst of chaos lies creativityMy friend Janna posted over at The Rules of Engagement talked about how travel can drain your energy for writing – or any other creative endeavor – and gave some ideas about how to redefine writing.

She quoted me about my 10 hour commute and some discussions we’d had at our writing meet up The Vancouver Independent Writer Group. It got me thinking, now that I’m off The Highway Thru Hell until spring can I do something that will help when I’m back on the road?

I can usually find the energy to write because I love doing it, but there are limits.

 The components of creativity

In my post about characters, I talk about how they are built with contrasts. When I reflect on that I makes me think about how I define too tired to write and how creativity works.

For me, and I assume for others, creativity starts with something much earlier than words on a page. It starts with an idea and progresses through a plan then through to writing lots of lovely words that turn in to a book.

It’s like a closet

Stick with me, it’s not so much of a stretch. The idea is like developing the closet organization design phase. Then the plan – plot – is the empty closet organizer. It’s racks and shelves and poles that will hold an amazing number of clothes and shoes.

The actual writing is the shoes and clothes. The actual writing is what I need the most energy for.

My plan

Let’s pretend I won’t forget it by next spring when I’m ready to take on the Highway Thru Hell with my Camry hybrid and all season tires (FYI if hell is really like the Coquihalla then we have nothing to worry about).

I can design the closet and install the organizer because that can be done in little bites of energy. How  I do it  now, is set up for failure, just facing a page that needs to be filled with words takes energy, so I don’t even try.

How do you manage to find the energy to do what you love?

Do you have a passion? One that has to be fit into the cracks in your day? How do you do it?