What’s coming, slightly better than a ‘underconstruction’ post

Hello, everyone. If you’ve been following my old blog, you’ll have noticed that I’ve switched the page. I admit, it was because I am setting up a new author site and didn’t realize I’d substituted the URL for the old one. And then I got surprisingly busy – okay it’s Christmas, I should have seen that one coming. So, here’s what you’ll see as I build the site.

The most significant change is that I’ll be aiming my posts at readers now, rather than writers. I’ll understand if you don’t continue to follow, but I’ll still throw out advice on other formats.

First, this will be the home page (unless I’ve totally misunderstood the process) and I’ll get a blog up and running in a while – a month.

Then I’ll put together some series pages and a “who the heck is Perry” page.

I’ll also try to find a way to give you the ability to sign up for newsletters and book announcements. I’m optimistic that I can figure it out.

For now, I’ll wish you a happy holidays and sign off.