We do know how to drive in snow

snow, snowing, river, driving in snowOkay, the last two days we’ve had snow in the Vancouver area, snow that sticks. It’s not much, but it can cause havoc. The reason is not what most people think, that we don’t know how to drive in snow, but that we don’t practice what we know.

Three rules for snow driving

1 – if you can avoid it, take the out

2 – have good tires

3 – drive slow and leave room

Why don’t we obey the rules?

Speaking for myself, it’s often because I want to get it over with. I get stressed about the other drivers and just at the end of the drive, I can get cocky.

For others, I think it’s about impatience and lack of experience. Not that inexperienced drivers are a problem. I’m talking about the experience of sliding out of control, or watching your car crash into an object knowing you can’t do anything about it.

Tires – who can afford to have 4 snow tires you might only need two three times a year? And even if you do, good luck getting them installed before you need them. I can’t argue with that, it’s why we have the other rule – don’t drive if you can avoid it.

Please enjoy your Christmas break – don’t add a car accident to your experience.