Time is finite, what you do with it is up to you

Time is finite, but different for everyone. While you might not know how much time you have in the rest of your life, you know how much you have today. Lately people have been asking me how I find the time to do everything I have on my plate. It’s an interesting question because there’s no magic answer, but there is a great set of tools you can use to improve.finding time to write, time to write, write, not enough time, time is finite

Time is manageable

The tips are easy to implement and don’t take hours to learn. I’ve developed an online course to help you understand the process, and give you the tools to make the most of your time.

Because time is finite, it’s all about how you prioritize your use of it.

Because time is finite,

your ability to prioritize is the key to making the most of it.

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to juggle, setting priorities will make sure that the important things get done. Is writing your book the most important thing on your list? Is it the least? If the answer to the questions is least, no wonder you don’t get any time to do it.

Three tips to manage your priorities

  1. figure out how many hours you have in your week
  2. list the things you must do
  3. pick the priorities of what you want to do

An example

Let’s see what the three things might look like on your calendar.

Figure our how many hours you have in your week:

Everyone has 24 hours in each day. How long do you need to sleep? Let’s say you get 8 hours a day (sounds like a great goal) 24-8 = 16.

You have 16 hours to do everything every day.

List the things you must do:

Do you have kids? how many hours do you drive them around? How long do you work? Do you have a yoga class? Do you make dinner and other meals? Deduct the time from your schedule and lets say you have 4 hours to yourself every day.

Pick the priorities of what you want to do

What is on that list of things you want to accomplish? Is it writing? Are there twenty things on the list? To prioritize them think about how long you want to devote to each item. If you have 4 hours, can you write that long every day? How about that painting class you want to sign up for? What about training for a marathon?

The secret I’ve found for this is only schedule 75% of the time you have. There are too many things that steal a few minutes here and there that you really don’t have a full four hours.

Time is finite, but some people do more with their time than others. Good luck with managing your time.