The new James Bond. Where’s the arrogance?

I loved the old James Bond movies. I liked the arrogance and cynicism of thposter from James Bond Skyfall moviee Sean Connerys and the Pierce Brosnans. I’m not sure about the Daniel Craig Bond.

A little reality check – if that’s  not too weird when talking about James Bond

I like my action heroes larger than life. I know that I wouldn’t put up with the arrogance, or all the women or all the violence or….. Well that said, I like my movies to be escapes.

The old James Bonds didn’t ask me to care about him. He just was a superspy and I think that worked. JB was supposed to save the world, not crank up my nurturing bone.

The new one, so far

I’ll go see Skyfall. Why not, as much as I don’t care for the humanizing of the character, Daniel Craig is some nice eye candy.

My problem is all the brooding. For me it makes him less of an action hero. Before you slam me for my unrealistic expectations of men, we’re talking James Bond here, not a real human being. That was what made him great entertainment, he wasn’t realistic.

Think about the Die Hard franchise. John had problems at home and they were mentioned in each of the movies. The mention gave us a feeling he wasn’t so much of an ahole that someone didn’t care for him enough to have two kids. The key thing was that the stories were not about him trying to fix his home life by talking things out, they were about him fighting off the bad guys.

The old James Bond was damaged because his wife was killed. Like John Mclane, it gave his some humanity, but didn’t get in the way of his heroics. The Daniel Craig Bond so far seems to be driven by the tragedy, not by the threat to humanity the uber villains represent.

I guess at some point, I’ll stop going to the Bond movies and that means I’ll probably only watch them on TV when there’s nothing else on.

The question

So, am I just an old fashioned fan? Or, do other people want the cocky and promiscuous Bond back?