Mageborn: The Line of Illeniel by Michael G Manning | Book Review

This is the second book in the series and I reviewed the first one a few weeks ago. In the second book, the story gets a bit darker. Our hero has to protect the kingdom against overwhelming odds and his allies don’t all support his plans. When the king worries that he has a mad mage on his hands, things get really interesting.

The facts:

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Michael G Manning

Here’s the bio from Amazon.

Michael Manning, a practicing pharmacist, has been a fantasy and science-fiction reader for most of his life. He has dabbled in software design, fantasy art, and is an avid tree climber. He lives in Texas, with his stubborn wife, two kids, and a menagerie of fantastic creatures, including a moose-poodle, a vicious yorkie, and a giant prehistoric turtle.


If you liked the first one, Mageborn, you’ll like this one too. Our hero takes on more challenges and settles into the power that woke in the first book of the series.


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