Ten things authors think about readers

Right up front let me explain I’ve gleaned this list from reading a lot of blogs aimed at writers; new writers and self published writers in particular.

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  1. You understand and care about the writing craft. I think you care about a good story, not an analysis of how that story fits into the Hero’s Journey or the 3 act structure.
  2. You care about point of view slips. I think you care about understanding which character you see the story through and if that means multiple people you just don’t want to be confused.
  3. Typos freak you out and make you throw a book/ ereader across the room in a fit of disdain. I think the fast readers don’t even notice most typos and all readers understand that no matter how hard you look, typos exist in all books.
  4. That you care about who published the book. I’m not sure anyone searches for or recommends books by the publisher name.
  5. You think that cheap prices on ebooks are a sign of the quality. See #6
  6. That ebooks should be cheap. I think you like to pay less for ebooks.
  7. You are reading reviews  and recommendations on line. I think that might be true.
  8. You are fascinated by our process. I think you don’t care how we write a book, just that we write good ones and don’t take too long between.
  9. You think like a publisher or editor. I think you buy books to enjoy, not because you are trying to assess the marketability of a product.
  10. You hate being told about deals or book launches. I think you hate being spammed, but would expect your favorite authors to give you a heads up.

So, what do you think? Is any of this true? Is there something not on the list something we writers do that makes you crazy. Or don’t do?