Taming Fire by Aaron Pogue: Book Review

The author has taken an old trope and made it interesting. Poor farm/beggar/otherwise outcast boy, turns out to be a hero.   Taming fire

In this story, the first of three, we find Daven in a small village teaching his friends to sword fight. When a king’s guard shows up to take Daven to the King, things start to go pear-shaped. Magic, dragons, and wizards populate this tale of power, politics, and war.

Daven’s path to saving the world is barred by lies and misunderstandings that seem to flow naturally from the action.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes the story of the unlikely hero faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. If you enjoyed The Blacksmith’s Son, you’ll love this story.


RATING:  Taming Fire, The Dragon Prince's Legacy, Aaron Pogue, fantasy, epic, dragons, book review, magic

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