Smashwords Summer/Winter sale – 6 books for $1.50 each

Despite the fact that it seems to be illegal, immoral, and a herald of the Apocalypse to tell you about a promo from my book, I’m going to do it. Is that hoof beats I hear? The four horsemen ride by.

The scoop

the logo from the Smashowrds site

Smashwords is running a promo for July (Summer in the north and Winter in the south).

Authors enroll and set the discount. The promotion started July 1 and will disappear midnight July 31.

What I enrolled.

Six of my seven books – Hubris is going to be on a different promo starting on the 8th because book 2 – Greed – will be out on the 14th.  Look for new announcements in a few days.

All six books are available for $1.50 in July.

How to buy them

Follow the links below and enter the coupon code you find on the book page. Happy reading – fingers crossed I haven’t called down the rage of the book buyers.

The Quinn Larson Quests. Imperative and Compulsion

The Madeline Journeys. Off Track and The New Normal

Closing the Circle

Breaking the Bonds