Selling on the web, is it sales or readers we look for?

sales efforts, selling, readers,I don’t know how much you read about ebook sales or pricing on the web, but there are lots of comments and post and ideas out there. For me, it starts with a sale and ends with a reader. I see sales as the first step in the process.

 Selling activities cost time if not money

For most authors, the selling time is about getting on social media and finding their readers. Most of us are not trained at marketing and so we foolishly spend time doing what feels right – not what works.

The time we spend marketing is time not spent writing, editing, or publishing. I think that has a bigger effect on you than any sales activity.

The other thing we do is one side or the other of the marketing pendulum swing. We spam with “Buy my book” or “My book is free” or “My book got a great review” and nothing else, or we give away content that we think might be of value to you and never say ‘by the way, my books are available’.

What annoys you? in other words, what can I stop doing so I can write?

I’d be happy to keep doing everything I am doing, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (okay the last one still baffles me a bit). I love giving out information and my friends will tell you that I’m never short of an opinion. But, what helps you?

One thing I haven’t done is set the first book in every series as a free book. Much of that is out of my hands with Kindle, but I want to try it anyway. So, over the next while I’ll be posting announcements on FB, Twitter, Google+ about where my books are free as they update.

Now I need to get back to writing the next book.