Self Publishing – is it for me?

Self publishing, like aging is not for wimps. Of course, traditional publishing is the same. For many writers the act of selling their work to a reader or a publisher is an incredibly painful arcane rite of passage. It doesn’t need to be that way. self publishing, writing a book, learn to write, how to write a book

Self publishing – it’s a business

When you write the book, it’s all about the creative force. Whether it’s a first draft flurry of discovery, or fine details of that last polish, you are creating.

Publishing – self publishing in particular – is not about creativity, it’s about selling. You are selling to an agent or publisher in the traditional path, and in the self pub path, it’s to the reader directly.

Selling isn’t comfortable.

A quick test to see if you are ready to go the indie route

Are you persistent in the face of disinterest? If you can keep doing marketing activities even though you don’t see a direct link between your activity and a sale. then you might be a good self publishing candidate.

Are you willing to try things? There’s a lot of advice out there, often it’s helpful only for a short while. If you are willing to give some time to learning how to reach your readers, you probably are ready.

Are you able to pay for services you need? All of us have skills we can bring to the table, none of us is able to do a great job of all the aspects of self publishing a book. Do you have the money for an editor? How about someone to create a book cover? If not the money, do you have the time to learn?

Why self publishing might not be for you

One of the benefits of going the traditional route is that you get a lot of guidance from your publisher when you get agreement. An editor will work with you to make your book as marketable as possible. The cover and marketing copy will be done by experts; you don’t even need to come up with the title.

The one thing to remember that both self publishing and traditional will demand of you…. Marketing! You will need to help bring readers to your books.

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self publishing, writing a book, learn to write, how to write a book