Sand Omnibus by Hugh Howey | book review

I’m a fan of Hugh Howey – that’s probably obvious from my other reviews, The Silo Saga, Molly Fyde, and The Hurricane. I’m also a fan of a good post-apocalyptic story. This book is another great resand omnibus, hugh howey, book reviewad set in a world where things have gone horribly wrong, and people find a way to survive. There are more books in the series and I’ll be reviewing them in the future, because this one hooked me.

The world is buried in sand, and people fight the dunes every day just to survive. Finding relics of the old world is the job of the sand divers, and this is the story of one family as they struggle to save the world even though it is hard and unyielding.

The passages of diving through the sand are beautifully claustrophobic. The setting above the sand is believable gritty and harsh.

We start with Patrick diving to the mythical city of Danvar. The longest dive anyone has done. Then the first betrayal, and we realize that all may not be what it seems.


sand omnibus, hugh howey, book review
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