Resolve, how to get through the hard stuff

When we set goals or resolutions, there comes a time when good intentions won’t do the job. Resolve is needed to get through the change in behavior. The hard stuff can come in the form of challenges, or boredom, or something being too easy.

It’s a little under a week into the year, are you starting to lose focus? resolve, resolution, goals, creativity

Resolve is an active tool

When things get foggy, it’s easy to become inactive and put aside your goals. If you have a lot of work, where does the gym fit in? If you have a deadline to meet, where do you find time for creativity?

In the fog of life, resolve keeps us balanced, It’s easy to just not go to the gym today because I’m busy, it’s easy to grab a burger because I’m traveling. It’s easy to not write another few pages of the book because I’m tired – and that just might be because I’m not going to the gym and I’m eating burgers.

In an effort to keep myself on track, I’ll give you this tip – when it gets hard to focus on everything, take a step back and just find a few minutes to regain your focus. It’s amazing how that helps me when I have to many tasks on my plate.

Resolve and persistence a marriage made in a bird feeder

Life doesn’t always have to be about big goals. Our little squirrel is persistent and resolved to get what he wants. If you know anything about squirrels, you know they get what they want eventually every time; whether that’s birdseed, into your attic, or the knobs off the barbeque.

Is there something about your goals or resolutions that is frustrating you? Try to think of them a little differently and maybe you’ll make headway.

Almost any achievement has a boring phase

The always popular weight loss is famous for the boring places. Your body does not consume calories on a straight line. Anyone who has tried to lose more than 10 pounds knows that you’ll eat the same thing two days in a row and day one you’ll lose a little weight, but day two you won’t.

Taking a long view can get you through the plateaus. A long view is that visualization of you in a different state; with the 20lbs gone, or with the perfect outfit on.

Another tip I’ve found helpful is to have more than one thing to do. I mean unrelated goals. Not quit smoking and lose weight – one demon at a time is easier than the entire apocalyptic army at once. I mean have at least two things you want to do that will allow you to see progress in one when the other is dragging. Choose something that is in your control. Lose weight and learn French. Get fit and write a book. Quit smoking and learn photography. The important thing is to choose one thing you can control more than the other.

The final word – for this post at least

When it starts to get difficult, giving up is only one of your options. Apply a little resolve and see if it gets you a step or two further along the path to your goal.