Redemption by C.J. Barry | book review

Redemption is the latest book by C.J. Barry, author of multiple science fiction romance series. As I thought about this book review I had mixed feelings. This is the first of a series of books and I do look forward to the next book, but this one made me wonder if there’s a line between speculative fiction and religious fiction.

For me, this book skated close to the line on religious messages. I liked the concept that there is always time for redemption, but I started to feel like I was getting a sermon in  a few places. That said, it’s a solid romance, and it’s hot. The world that C.J. created is, at the same time, familiar and strange. It has an almost comic book (oops graphic novel) quality.


Redemption – book one of the soul series. book review, c.j. barry, romance, fantasy

C. J. Barry: here’s the bio on

C.J. grew up reading science fiction novels, comic books, and her brother’s Cracked magazines. In high school, a creative writing teacher told her she should be a writer, but she decided to go to college instead. In college, a writing professor told her she should be a writer, but she decided to be a computer programmer instead. A husband, a cat and two kids later, an adult education teacher told her she should be a writer. She finally gave in, and after selling the first novel she ever wrote, decided that all those teachers were right. Nine novels later, she continues to bring her unique blend of high adventure and sizzling romance to her novels.

C.J has won numerous awards for her novels, and is a member of the Romance Writers of America.

By day, she works as a web developer. By night, she dreams up adventures and pens the books she was destined to write.


You’ll like this book if you like stories that present you with romance and fantasy and a helping of spirituality.


book review, c.j. barry, romance