Reading series stories, and Kindle Serials

In the old old days, people read serialized novels. In the new old antique-book-piledays, serialized books disappeared and series became popular. Now in the future old days (yeah it was a stretch) of ebooks, we have both. Is the serialized book a viable choice? Maybe.

The differences – well for now

A serialized book is on storyline that is delivered in sections. The old way was to have a cliff hanger at the end of each section to bring the reader back to the series when the next episode comes. The new way is to buy the Kindle Serial and you get all the current  episodes, then the future ones arrive in on your Kindle as they are published.

A series is either a set of stories linked to an overriding tale or a number of stories set in the same world that stand alone.

You can read any Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum as a standalone story, or my Charity Deacon Investigations. There is character growth through the series, but each will satisfy your desire for a complete story.

You might read The Fellowship of the Ring and stop there (I dare you), but The Lord of the Rings is a story told in three parts. There is definitely something there to draw you to the Two Towers and then to The Return of the King. My Quinn Larson Quests and Madeline Journeys are examples of the overriding storyline.

Another difference between series and serials is the fact that the serial episodes could be quite short and the series books are full sized.

What works for you, Reader?

A story that has short episodes and cliff hangers at the end of each, but no schedule of release. Or story that comes in full form that might take longer to get to you.

If I wrote a serial, I would probably create all the episodes in draft form then schedule the revisions so I could get the next episodes to you over a month. Amazon has no requirements that the story be completely written to qualify for publishing, so there will be wide differences in the schedule.

To be honest, for me I much prefer reading the whole series when it’s out, so I’d apply the same to the series books.

Should your favorite authors start thinking about creating serials?