Ray Bradbury passes at age of 91

The news came up on my Google Reader page. Ray Bradbury died today. I have been thinking about why I feel saddened by that. He was 91 and he’d had a fairly healthy life. I didn’t know him in person, and it’s been years since I read his books. a picture of Ray Bradbury Science Fiction author smiling

He left a legacy

I think I miss him because he represents a generation of science fiction writers who changed my life. When I first picked up a Sci Fi book, I realized that there was more to imagination then just fitting a story into the world we know.

It was the beginning of a journey that, for me, included becoming a writer myself. I came to realize that if something could be imagined, it could be true.

Even if we never colonize another planet or moon, even if we never meet an alien, even if we can never make the jump into hyperspace, I’ve been there.

We have great authors today, but Bradbury and his peers legitimized speculative fiction. These are the shoulders we stand on.

My thoughts are with his family.