Piracy, books, music, movies lessons to be learned

Over at The Raynfall Agency, Claire posted an article on piracy that is worth a read. I have a conflict between my belief about piracy and my actions. piracy, book piracy, ebook piracy

Piracy, what I think

I think piracy is stealing. I know that’s not a popular opinion, and it’s an argument Claire and I go over frequently. I know copyright infringement is not theft legally. I still believe that if I created something, I have the right to profit from it or I have the right to sell that right. Piracy means that someone else is taking my right to my work.

People who pirate books, music, or movies, or whatever else they pirate, have a lot of justification they roll out. My favorite is that they would pay for it if it was available to them. Really? I’m supposed to believe that they ignore the fact that a book isn’t made available, but if it was they would pay for it?

What I do about piracy

I make my books available wherever I can. I price my books at a reasonable level. I make some of my books free. I don’t go looking to see if I’ve been pirated. I know I can’t do anything about it. That doesn’t mean I have to change the way I think about it.

What I advise other writers to do about piracy

I’ve been asked by new self published authors if they should apply DRM to their books to prevent piracy. I always advise them not to do it. It doesn’t stop piracy and it can get in the way of your reader enjoying the book wherever they want to read it.

It’s all about effort. If you spend time trying to hold back the tide, you aren’t writing. Eventually piracy will be dealt with one way or another. Authors need to put their effort into writing and building a legitimate readership.