Optical Delusions in Deadwood by Anne Charles | book review

This is the second in the Deadwood series. Anne Charles is up to #5. The books stand alone as stories, but there’s an ongoing storyline or two that means you need to read them in order. In this one, Violet is still worried about her job, her kids, and her best friend. optical delusions in deadwood, anne charles, book review, mystery, romance

The best friend has become obsessed with Dr. Nyce – Violet’s new undercover lover. Violet needs to find the right time to tell Natalie the truth. One of her twins wants her to marry Jeff, so she can have an instant sister. The other twin is the man in the family – and doesn’t want his mom to marry anyone.

If Violet can’t complete the sale of a house soon, she’ll lose her job.

And what the heck is going on with all the body parts appearing in town?


book review, romance, mystery, optical delusions in deadwood, anne charles
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