One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely blog Award. A big thanks to Sonya over at Swashbuckler’s Tales for the nomination.

It’s one of the pass it forward type of awards

The rules are to thank the person who nominated you – Thanks Sonya!

Then nominate 7 blogs.

Then give 7 random facts about yourself.

Seven blogs I love

  1. Indies Unlimited a blog of great help and support for Indie publishers
  2. Mystery Writing is Murder
  3. The Passive Voice
  4. Writer Unboxed
  5. The Book Designer
  6. Kristine Katherine Rusch
  7. Teleread

 Seven random things about me

  1. I like to kill people on the page
  2. I worked at a concession stand in Stanley Park
  3. I once almost drowned at Kits Beach
  4. I would rather drive anywhere than fly because I like to keep my own schedule
  5. I’ve never had the flu (every time I say that, I think I’ve jinxed myself)
  6. I’ve seen ghost twice
  7. I hate clowns

It feels great to be nominated for the award and to take part in a great acknowledgement circle.