Olive Park by C.J. Booth | book review

I judged this for a book contest and had to admit I was leery based on the other books that were included. I was blown away by a  well paced story, great characters and high tension ending. I was drawn in from the first chapter and given a whole bunch of mysteries to figure out. I’m looking forward to book 2.


Olive Park olive park, c.j. booth, book review

C.J. Booth

Here’s his bio from Amazon

Following his careers in broadcasting and film and video production, he has brought detectives Stan Wyld, Jake Steiner and Mallory Dimante to life in “Olive Park”, his first novel and the first novel in the series involving Sacramento’s fictional OID – Ongoing Investigation Division, the cold case division.
C. J. has studied with Judith Guest (“Ordinary People”), Rebecca Hill (“A Killing Time in St. Cloud”), Gary Braver (“Tunnel Vision”, “Skin Deep”), and David S. Freeman (“Beyond Structure”).
He is currently working on the second novel in the series, as well as the screenplay for “Olive Park”.
C.J. lives with his wife on an island near Seattle, Washington.


If you like your mystery with a little noir, and a lot of character,  you’ll like this one.


olive park, c.j. booth, book review