NonCompliance: The Sector by Paige Daniels | book review

I find post apocalyptic and dystopian stories fascinating. The hope that is found in the misery always makes me feel optimistic. Paige Daniels has done a great job in creating a world where grit, humor, and love coexist in a believable way. dystopian, noncompliance, paige daniels, the sector

If you don’t agree to have the government chip installed, you get sent to the sector a place run by mobsters, regardless of the presence of the magistrate. Shea lives in the sector, works in a bar, hacks the systems, and hates her job. When the boss’s right hand man starts collecting the protection money, she doesn’t think anything of it. Then Danny starts making trouble and Shea knows a turf war is on the way.

It was time to take a side. And then things change.

RATING:   dystopian, noncompliance, paige daniels, the sector

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