New Release: Greed

Book 2 of the Charity Deacon Investigations will be released this Saturday on July 14! Subterfuge and mystery follow Charity when she leaves Vancouver for a holiday in rural France with her friend Lu. Watch this space for photos from Charity’s case files over the course of the week.

To celebrate the release of Greed, Book 1 of the Charity Deacon Investigations, HUBRIS, has been reduced to 99c!

You can also enter the GREED giveaway running this week only on Goodreads to get a free copy.

“As we left the town center behind, the streets changed from rows of stores to tightly packed houses then to larger houses with walled front gardens. A few trees showed over the top of the walls, some with pink and some with yellow flowers cascading from the branches.

The only other stop was to have coffee and shared pastry at a tiny bar. I know, I know, walking off the calories was not supposed to include adding calories.”

From the back of the book:

A trip to rural France turns sour when Charity Deacon and her best friend Lu have to trace a missing woman. Charity’s neighbor, Delores, wants to know why her old acquaintance is suddenly out of touch. It seems that Audrey Wylie may have fallen into the hands of the local smuggling ring, and only a handsome lieutenant from the local gendarmerie has any interest in finding her.

Matthieu Durand is instantly drawn to Lu, and he risks his job to help Charity and her even while they’re blocked at every turn by the indifferent contempt of his superiors. The three follow clues around the twisting streets of Pina Sur Midi, searching for Audrey and the dangerous individuals who have taken her. The town’s colorful exterior hides a criminal past and a dark, threatening present, and Charity and company will have to peel back the facade and find the truth before Audrey turns up dead.

With time running short and their adversaries staying one step ahead, it’s not looking too good for her – unless Charity can crack the case and figure out where she’s being held. One thing they’re all sure of…

This will be a holiday to remember.

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