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New Release, A Twist of Power book 3 of the Madeline Journeys


a twist of power cover A TWIST OF POWER continues the Madeline series about the ultimate fish-out-of-water – a negotiator more used to sly tactics in a magical world where the truth can be determined with a spell and prophecy is real.

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But not even Blu and Madeline’s combined magic can hold against an unknown attacker that threatens the life of Tadric, the sole heir to the Summer Lands.

Without him, the Lands will fall into the chaos of civil war, and the life Madeline has fought and suffered for will be lost.

They must find the source of the arcane assault that seems intent on taking the child’s life. Once again, Madeline leaves her home in the Lower Plains and ventures out on a dangerous quest – one that brings her to the City, a bustling port governed by intrigue, favors, and shifting alliances. A spectre from the distant past suggests that there is another who would lay claim to the Summer Lands, someone with malice enough in their heart to try to destroy a young boy.

While she searches for the attacker, some else in the City is hunting her in turn.

The Scree have not forgotten that Madeline killed one of their own, and they are not done with her yet. This time, she may not even have the advantage of magic – her power has turned fickle, and increasingly uncontrollable. It’s only a matter of time before she is caught with her guard down, and her companions may pay the price for it.

She needs to find and stop their mysterious enemy as soon as possible, before Blu’s magical strength is exhausted and he can no longer protect Tadric alone. She needs to keep her friends from danger – her husband, Jode, her former assistant, Simon, and Callisra the healer. She needs to discover the long hidden secrets of Tadric’s family before those secrets get them all killed.

Help is easily offered by newfound allies – Regis, a mage with unusual abilities, and Springheart, an elven wanderer. But who can Madeline really trust in a City where trust is bought and sold, and even her magic begins to fail her?

The answer lies in a twist of power.