New book launch an exercise in patience

If you are on my newsletter list, or have been on the home page, you know that the 3rd book in the Madeline series is out in the world. It’s been almost a week since I pressed the publish buttnew book, amazon,kindle, kobo, ons on the new book, and the ebook is still not available at Apple or Barnes & Noble. Each time I go through this process, I learn a bit more about patience.

 A new book, or a new anything is an opportunity to learn

I approach things in process mode.  Launching a new book is an example of a process I keep thinking I have down pat, and that I should be done with it in a few minutes over a few days. I always get into trouble with this expectation.

What I want to do is get you the information as quickly as possible – in my mind you are all panting for the new book. I take my checklist and run through it then start responding to problems; cover size not correct, formatting issues to be resolved, all things that get in the way. I’ve learned to just patiently work through each barrier – there doesn’t seem to be a way to get it right the first time – despite the fact I want to get writing on the next book.

What are lessons you learn over and over

It’s interesting that the human condition seems to be that we want to strive for control but make our worlds more complex and interrelated. We create the environment that opposes our desires. What is it for you? That thing that always slips out of your grasp.

Is it getting the kids to do their homework? Is it something at work, something that you do repeatedly that just doesn’t make sense?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

I’ve given this some thought and I think many of us – including me – are capable of finding a different way to do things, but lack the patience to put in the effort. It’s always easy to plug the holes that appear than it is to prevent the holes from appearing.

Or it seems cheaper to keep repeating a process than it does to fix the holes. In my case, I could solve a big chunk of my new book publishing issues by doing two things. One, buy a Mac of some sort so I could publish directly to iBooks and two, move to the States so I could publish through B&N.

The thing is, it doesn’t make economic sense for me to buy a Mac to publish books – unless you buy way more of my books :). And I’m not on-board with moving my entire life to America for a few books sales through B&N.

Question of the day

Are you avoiding find a solution to the things that get in your way, or are you making balanced decisions to stay with the status quo because the value of change doesn’t match the price of change?