Nearly Departed In Deadwood by Anne Charles | Book Review

I was seeing this book come up on my recommended readings for a while and I ignored it because I thought it was zombie romance. It turns out it’s not. It’s a fun read that had me chuckling along while I tried to figure out the mystery. nearly departed in deadwood, anne charles, book review, romance

Moving back into her aunt’s house and getting a job as a real estate agent, wasn’t in Violet’s master plan. But it had to be done. The first problem is her lack of sales, she’s facing the deadline for making a sale or losing her job. She’s dealing with two hot men and one crotchety old one. Her kids are digging up bones, and the one house she’s listed might be haunted.

What’s a girl to do?

I recommend it if you like a little comedy with your romance.


book review, Nearly Departed In Deadwood, Anne Charles, Book Review


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