Mo retailers mo problems.

One of the things that I think is important is the provide my readers with as many ways as possible to buy my books. The ongoing challenge I have is that when I have more retailers, I have more challenges to make sure the books are at the right price and the version is the most current.

black and white picture of a man grimacing and pulling his hair in frustration

The situation

I publish directly through Kindle and Createspace on Amazon and the price and version is always up-to-date. I publish directly to Kobo and ditto. Within minutes – or hours at the longest – the price is set and any cover updates or corrections are made.

The books on Smashwords are also updated immediately. The challenge is when Smashwords is my middleman. Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony and Diesel are the premium retailers that I need Smashwords to act as the middleman. In theory that’s great. Smashwords takes a little cut and  you get to buy from your favorite retailer.

The problem is that there are old version of my books on most of the retailers and that means you may end up with a version that still has errors that have been caught and fixed on other sites. Yes, no matter how many eyes hit the page before I publish, there always seem to be  few typos that don’t get caught.

The dilemma

The balance of quality control v accessibility is driving me nuts. The only way I’ve been able to manage it is through my website. I link the books to Amazon and Smashwords because I know it what version is there. I spend time every day trying to get the other versions updated – time I could be writing.

A solution

So, dear readers, I’m torn between two options. Only be available at vendors I have a direct relationship with, or just let it go and ignore the fact that there are different version out there.

What do you think? Or is there another option I’m not seeing?