It’s National Novel Writing time – well for the plotters it is

There will be a lot of posts out there this month and next. All about the 30 days of writing that changes some writers from introverted keyboard clickers to mad word count challengers.

National Novel Writing month icon. Blue shield with NaNoWriMo and writing pictures

 First – I’m back from vacation, yes I missed you

I took a week off to do some writing and relaxation. When I left it felt like I had plenty of time to get ready for NaNo. After all it was September – yes, the 25th, but I was in denial.

Now I’m back and it’s October and I have to get planning.

A quick NaNo tutorial for those of you who aren’t crazy enough to be a writer.

National Novel Writing Month is held every November and writers all over world commit to writing at least 50,000 words in 30 days. There are regional communities and lots of social time to keep the excitement up.

There’s controversy – isn’t there always – about the quality of the writing done so quickly. My take on that is go bother someone else with your judgement. The idea is to write and a first draft is all I aim for – revision is what comes after.

What does this mean for you, dear reader?

Every year I’ve done NaNo (won every time), I knew what to write. I only had one story to tell. This year I have two. I’m hoping you can help me decide.

The choices

Option number one is the third Charity Deacon Investigation. I have an idea that it will be set in a Vancouver suburb. There will be surprise guests and lots of trouble between Charity and the local police. For voting, let’s call this Charity Three

Option number two is the story that has been floating in the back of my mind for a couple of months. It will be a gritty story set in Vancouver. There will be jazz clubs, and murder and deep dark secrets – not just the bad guys. For voting, let’s call this Jazz Crimes.

How to vote

Let’s keep this transparent. Leave your vote as a comment on the blog. If I get responses on Facebook, or Twitter, or Reddit, I’ll add them into the comments.

Vote for Charity Three or Jazz Crimes