International Author’s Day: Is reading important?

reading, international author's dayreading, international author's day

I’m participating in  a blog hop this week. What does that mean for you? Well two things, if you check out my post, you’ll see a coupon at the end that you can use to purchase an ebook version of The Dragon At The Edge of The Map from Smashwords. If you follow this link to Debdatta’s site, you’ll find some great reviews and recommendations of other author’s books. Happy reading.


That’s the business done, now to the reason why I think reading is important.

I’m one of those…reading, international author's day

Yes, my parents made sure I could read early on – possibly in an attempt to stop me from talking incessantly.

I grew up in Wales and at a time when there weren’t 57 channels with nothing on. I’m not super old, but we didn’t have a television until I was seven or eight. And then you needed to drop a coin in the box to buy time. Nothing like having the end of your program cut off for want of a shilling.

What that meant was I needed to find my own entertainment. Books were easy to get, and the library was very close, so reading was the easy choice.

The stories that hooked me on reading

I had the normal British children’s books of the time. When got past the primers, I fell in love with Enid reading, international author's dayBlyton’s adventure series.

Children much like me, who went on adventures and solved mysteries. No Hunger Games for us, we were living in a pre-apocalyptic nirvana.

When we emigrated to Canada, I accidentally left my half read book on the plane. I still feel the loss.


 Canada the land of reading opportunity

Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a bit, but I learned about science fiction and fantasy books in an English Lit class. I’d finished the exercise set, and the teacher needed me to sit quietly – I could be quite a distraction when I was bored.  He handed me what must have been the catalog of books for the course. I flipped through and found Stranger in a Strange Land. I was captivated.

I had no idea that people could imagine worlds like these. Stories unconstrained by the rules of society as we knew it? From then forward, reading became more of a passion than a pastime. I burned through science fiction, fantasy, romance, a little horror, and mysteries.

What turned reading to writing?

I think that there was a tipping point in my late teens. I realized that I had stories to tell that weren’t reading, international author's dayalready told. So I started writing. If you have the urge, but don’t know where to start, look for the second free coupon for my writing book at the end of the post.

When I started writing stories, the way I read changed. I no longer just went along for the ride that the author had created. I looked for the craft of writing in the stories I loved reading. I found all kinds of help in books like The Dragonriders of Pern. I found all kinds of help in creating characters from British mystery authors.

Now that I write my own stories, I’m surprised to find that I still enjoy reading the work of others. I can’t turn off the analysis view, but I can still enjoy a good book.

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reading, international author's day

Happy International Author’s day

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