Is it weird or is it creative?

a picture of a window blind with a man's face. Possibly Elvis

My window looks out onto a very active river. I find it inspiring and energizing  to glance up occasionally to see tugs pulling rafts of logs or barges or huge equipment that serves mysterious purposes.

This is in a window in the building across from me. I think it is Elvis, but I am sure it’s a cultural icon from a different generation or culture.

I first saw the picture yesterday – I have no idea how long it’s been there.  The building doesn’t seem to have any rules about curtains there are vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, red curtains, white curtains and this blind.


I have to admit my first reaction was Weird. Who puts up their idol posters for the public to see – it would be funny to find out they’d hung it wrong and the face was supposed to be inside the room. It’s not something I would ever do and that’s enough for some people to define it as weird. I did worry that it was going to light up at night – it didn’t – or that others would start to appear across the building.


I think this is definitely creative. They’ve taken a space that is supposed to block light and turned it into an art display. I found myself obsessed with getting a picture and sharing it. I had to charge my camera because the phone didn’t zoom well enough. It did disrupt my productivity because I kept glancing at it and trying to figure out if it was Elvis.

In the end

I don’t think I want to see a wall of these pictures. I think that will take away the weird creativity and I like a bit of weird in my life – only a bit.  This building is quite a source of that. TVs so large I can practically watch the program with them. Palm trees on a top patio that bend in half in the winds we frequently get here. Interior paint that matches the exterior – I don’t think that was on purpose.

I wonder what they think when they look at my building.  How boring, those people all have plain beige window treatments.