Is it all about the toys?

When you make decisions to buy gadgets, do you make it based on the latest hot toy, or on a business decision?

a picture of an ipad

Why it can’t be a business case

Obviously it can be a business decision and it often is for a bigger business. But for the smaller business, or the individual there often isn’t enough information available to make a logical decision.

It should be a decision based on features and what benefit you are trying to get out of the new technology. The buzz tends to be all about the cool. I think that would be okay except that these devices are not cheap.

What that means from a purchase perspective

A personal journey: I was in the market for a tablet. I tried to get information on how I could use the iPad for business – I am a pc and will probably always be one – and I couldn’t. The iPad cost about $200 more than the Android device. I went Android because I could afford to test it out. I love my tablet and actually ran my business from it for a week. I still need my laptop, but it’s nice to have a backup.

When things change

I like to have a direct relationship with the distributor of my books because I can make sure my readers have the right version of the books at the right price. To do that with Kobo or Amazon, I didn’t need to buy anything new. To do that with Apple, I need to buy or borrow a Mac. I would need to sell a lot of books to make a Mac purchase a good financial decision.

The main challenge for the small business person is getting enough information to determine the value of changing. We are all so different that it’s hard to find an example of success that relates. We also don’t have a lot of time to learn new tools.

The bottom line

I’ll probably remain an Android/PC person. Even if I get my hands on an iPad or a cheap Mac,  I’ve been working with essentially the same tools for as long as computers have been available to individuals. When something goes wrong with my PC I know I can find a way to fix it.

What about you? Are you tempted to cross the floor from PC related products to Apple – or go the other way?