In Favour of Fools by J Battle: Book review

Phil is a PI and he likes to sit at his desk, drink coffee (even if his sister won’t make it for him) talk to his paranoid friend hiding in the bathroom, and generally enjoy the day. What he doesn’t like is when someone knocks on his door. It just brings trouble. in favour of fools, j battle, science fiction, humor

Aliens and squirt booths and thugs fill his day from the moment the dame walked in. (Well, perhaps dame is not quite the right term, but when your name is Phil Chandler and you’re a PI you have to fit into the expectations.)

With asides from his Narrative Facilitator, Phil travels around the known worlds trying to track down two men, and stay alive.

I recommend this to anyone who loves a laugh with their alien invasions.

RATING: in favour of fools, j battle, science fiction, humor

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