I see stories – The waiting before night

Today’s picture was taken by a friend in Tuscany. That year we were all playing with the different features on our digital cameras.

Sonia stepped closer to the edge of the hill, as if a few feet would make the difference. As if it would show her evidence his return any faster.

The heat no longer pressed on her from above, but radiated up from the baked earth. Colors now just layers of beige in the still time before evening.

If he came now, she would sleep easier. There would be no need to worry that the phone would ring, or a knock would come. No need for the anxiety that had haunted her since he left. Or, to be more specific, since the last time she’d seen him. Because she hadn’t known that he left. Only realizing she was alone after a couple of days.

He must have walked, the car and the motorcycle were both still parked in front of the stack of cut logs. Walking would have taken him hours to get anywhere – that’s why they’d moved here after all – if only she’d thought to look earlier.

Now, a year later she still spent her evenings looking for movement on the road that heralded his return. That would end this loneliness. That would give her the opportunity for revenge.