Human Trafficking

When I wrote Hubris, I did a lot of research into the way human trafficking worked. The information may sadden you, or may start yohuman trafficking, slavery, people trafficking, sexual slaveryu thinking.

When I write my thrillers, I do a lot of research that doesn’t necessarily get on the page. Some of the research is interesting – like how to escape from zipties – and some of it just plain sad.

Human trafficking was one of the sad ones.

What is Human Trafficking

This practice, which takes place all over the world, and may be happening in your neighborhood, is about slavery. You can dress it up all you want but it’s taking people under false pretenses, or just taking them, and using them for your own purposes.

Who commits this crime?

People who want money. People who want power. People who don’t value other people. Human trafficking is about the whole world. Eastern Europe, India, China, Haiti, all places where young people are kidnapped or told they are being taken to a better life. America, Canada, England and others, places where the slaves are delivered.

Why is it going on?

Because there’s a market. The only way this will stop is if the market demand stops. If there is no customer for the slave, then the slavers stop. My research showed me that the market for this human product is varied. It’s not just about filling sweatshops with women who work to pay off their passage to a better life, or prostitution rings. It’s about families who keep a slave. It’s about pedophiles who buy children.

The market will not stop until enough people stand up and say NOT ACCEPTABLE!

What can you do about it?

Sign your name here to bring awareness.

Or get involved here.

Or find another way to help bring an end to this horrible cycle.