Hugh Howey the full Silo Saga | book review

I’m not usually one to jump on a bandwagon. Too often I’m disappointed with the result, mostly hay not much wagon. Hugh Howey has gone a long way to restoring my faith in the buzz about new authors. I started with Wool, and could have happily ended there, but was excited when I realized there were other books in the series. I read the first Shift book, then Dust, then I found the other two shift books. The stories are intertwined and it is much better to read in order, but I remained entertained by hugh howey, book review, wool silo, silo seriesthe stories that were, for me, filling in the details.


  • In order: Wool (books 1 -5), Shift Omnibus (books 6 -8), Dust
  • Author:  Hugh Howey, He has more books to his name, some in different genre. The link is to his Amazon Author Page.
  • Genre: Science Fiction – not super hard science, more about how people act under stress.


I loved it. The whole series. The people were what brought me into the story. Yes, the science seemed credible. Yes, I can see this happening – thank whoever we don’t have the technology. But the people are so well drawn that I don’t think of them as characters. All of them are committed to what they think is the best for humanity. All of them have good sides and bad.


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